Supportive Exercise Provider Promoting Change to Overcome Discomfort

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What Is Movement Improvement Fitness

MIF is a supportive based PT studio that promotes change to improve health and wellbeing through education and promotes anatomy awareness through movement to achieve client-based goals.

Our key aims:

Empowerment through exercise

Assist people with no prior gym experience

Aid recovery from injuries or life complications

Improve your knowledge on fitness and Health

Respect the ability of each client on a case by case nature

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We're here to help with:

Reducing pain from Deskbound or repetitive Employment

Preventative exercise can often be the answer to pain before it arrives later in life. We can assist with exercise plans to address workplace discomfort.

Improving your knowledge on wellness

We give you the knowledge to implement wellness into your everyday life.

Finding Underlining Issues

Pain can be caused by many reasons mentally or physically. We strive to find your underlying issues causing pain and assist in treating them.

Services Available

MIF is open to deliberation on nutrition and mental health concerns with any clients that maybe interested in advice and guidance. MIF supplies all clients with physical and theoretical homework that covers weak points in a client's program or knowledge that is required to overcome an issue. MIF is about educating mental and physical awareness which creates an acceptance to change which in turn allows each client to advance.


The more you do, the better you get, the less you pay

The MIF format is designed to reduce in cost as individuals advance through the program. It is designed to find the starting point of each client, assisting them to progress through the system. This format is not a set requirement of any one client. It is a progression guide line suggestion only.


Check out a few client testimonials and what they have to say about Movement Improvement Fitness

Living with bad posture and back pain was something I thought I had to live with and was unaware I could make changes to. Through Wayne I discovered techniques and exercises to correct my posture. I've also learnt about how my body works, I've have gained insights into muscular memory and have been made aware of bad habits. Having an one on one personal trainer was key to me getting on a path towards having a stronger body and better posture. Having someone who is understanding and really wants you to feel the benefits from training is greatly motivating. I recommend Wayne to anyone procrastinating right now, who is saying one day I'll do something about me fitness. Do it now.

Craig Bunker

Wayne has helped me to realise I am not limited by my discomfort and injuries. He has helped to improve my life with knowledge and exercise.

Wayne's experience and knowledge of the body systems have been a blessing for me. I have found while working with Wayne I've strengthened my body and been in less discomfort and my injuries are managed.

Wayne makes each training season interesting and really positive. He loves what he does. Wayne has proved to be a gifted educator. I have found his in-depth explanations of muscle functions easy to understand. You always know when you are getting it right with Wayne.

Harley Baas

Wayne's method of exercise was specifically tailored for me. He addressed specific areas that I was feeling discomfort and alleviated pain that I had for a very long time that I thought would be permanent. He was also very encouraging and made me feel motivated to exercise.

Vince O'Malley

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